Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Writers everywhere, lucky you! Today you got another day to write. Another 24 hours to type more words, dream up more characters, revise more plots.

You got another 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of night to write what you might think is amazing, only to wake up in March (hint tomorrow) and decide it's all crap!

Image result for tearing up papers

That actually happens for those of you who don't know, which is no writer anywhere on the planet because we ALL know what that is like. I feel your pain.

But if you're a reader and you just enjoyed an extra 24 hours devouring a new or favorite book, then here's to you! I hope it was a fantastic read!!

Image result for cheers champagne gif

For those peeps who had to work, and this was nothing more than an added day of the same old, same old, this is for you!


If you are under the age of 21, odds are you were at school and not happy about it, or maybe you were (cuckoo), here's my leaping animals tribute for you!

 Cute guy, good height and form.

Multitasker! Can jump and store food in mouth.

Check out this cool cat--err--mountain lion? Chester Cheetah? 

Yeah!!! I have no idea what this is, but he's having fun!

And . . . my favorite! This is one happy lil guy.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Just In ...

This just in ... I stink!  At blogging!

My new year's resolution will be to get better--because really how much worse can I get!?!

In my defense, I have been writing, and reading, and writing, and reading. Just not on this blog.

Which deeply shames me.

Well, maybe not deeply but pretty deep, fairly deep. I'm bothered by it.  Let's put it this way ... every time I remembered that I forgot to blog, I was disappointed in myself.

In my defense, I have had nothing new or exciting to share. You have missed nothing in my life or my career.  I can assure you of that with a small tear in my eye.

But, a new year is around the corner.  I can almost see it from here, and I'm hoping to have many wonderful things to announce in 2016, whatever it may bring!

 If I were to make a wish list of what those wonderful things should be, it would look like this:

Healed of all illnesses
An elf to edit my novels
Another to do the laundry
One who can cook allergy friendly food for the family
The new HGTV dream home
More time with hubby, who travels a lot these days
My kids to learn how to clean their rooms
All missing socks found
That camera we lost in 6 yrs ago with unuploaded pics of the kids
And if we're going there, I'd like my laptops with years of work (books and story ideas) that were stolen back, as well as all the precious momentums we lost
One night with all the family (Dad, grandma, grandparents) I lost before the boys were born so they can meet my best creations
Oh hell, lets throw in world peace
An amazing new Prez
A cure for ALL diseases
And, yeah, well, basically heaven on earth

Too much ...?

I may have gotten a little carried away.

In my defense, I have a cold and, as I said, I stink at this.

Till next year ...

Friday, August 14, 2015


Summer came and went and I had little to say about it on this blog. 

I meant to, thought about it a lot, those thoughts just never made it to the keyboard. That's not to say I wasn't typing away, working on my other projects. 

I spent the first two months of summer on revisions--in between mother duties and vacations--for a book I'd hoped to sub at the end of the month. 

Then I took some time to read for fun. Oh, how fun it was! All that reading helped me explore a new angle on a novel that after multiple submissions with editors needed another thorough revision. 

I used to fear that word. Revision. I'd react with chills like the hyena's do in the Lion King when Scar says Mufasa's name. 

Yep. That clip sums it up perfectly. 

Now, I look forward to them. Sometimes. Mostly. I know they improve the book and is where the magic happens. I'm better with fashion so indulge me here. 

The draft is like the outfit: dress, jeans and top, suit, pants suit if you're daring. 

Anyway, the dress is the draft. It's there, but it needs work. Maybe some alterations, definitely some jewelry, and shoes. A super sexy hurt-your-feet-like-hell-but-you-don't-care-because-they're-amazeballs pair of shoes. 

And if you're rocking a dress with these killer heels, you have to do your hair and makeup or you'll look half done. Not ready.

That's what revisions do for a book. They clean it up, fix any bad or wrong spots, make sure everything goes or flows, and polishes the outfit. When you've added all you can, removed what wasn't necessary, switched out a few things, and have done everything you can to make your outfit--manuscript--look fabulous or damn close, then and only then do you go out (submit your work).

What I've learned over the last year is something you also experience when going out in that perfect outfit that you spent hours, days, months, years, working on. Not everyone is going to like it. 

Some people will think your polished outfit is ugly, or slutty, or horrific, or a fashion faux pas. But some people, maybe one important person, will think it's adorable, sexy on wheels, the best most amazing outfit they've ever seen, and they want one for themselves. Or they want to know you or know how you came up with it. That is the person who will hopefully help get that outfit (manuscript) into the stores, or bookshelves. That is the person who's going to inspire you to keep going, to do more, to do better. 

What no one tells you is that person might have to be yourself. And that's okay because . . . 

Sometimes you have to put on what you like and wear it with pride, knowing it fits you, was done your way, to your liking, and that's all that matters. 

The best part is you've got options! 

Today there are so many options sometimes it's hard to decide which is best for you, but that's a whole different outfit story. 

I guess my point is, never lose sight of YOUR dream. Even if that dream goes in a place you never imagined or you kind of lose your way, it's still YOUR dream. And remember ...

Finding the right path can take time. It can also take patience, rolls of Tums, bottles of wine, tears, heartbreak, skinny and fat moments. I'm-not-good-enough moments. Or the typical, I want to rent a boat just so I can throw my laptop over the side while it's on fire and toast "Here's to not being controlled by you anymore" moment.

Hopefully, you learn something from each of these moments, even if it's not to repeat them ever. Then you try to find your path again. Whether it's new, different, or similar, it's still YOUR path. Your future. Your goal. Your life. 

Make it your own, no matter how scary or daring! 

Or do nothing. That's always an option. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Where do YOU like to read or write?

Is there anything more fun than taking a picture of yourself doing something you love?

Okay, so maybe eating yummy sweets and going to Disney World are right up there. Or doing both at the same time.

Not a Disney fan you say? How about taking a pic of yourself reading or writing in the Maldives Islands?

Sorry, I am NOT giving away a vacation like that. If I had one, I'd have to keep it for me-little-self. I am however offering you a chance to win a mondo giveaway and to participate in something fun!

I've recently teamed up with the YA Chicks (Amy Christine Parker, Christina Farley, and Vivi Barnes), Peggy Jackson, and Lucienne Diver in a reading and writing campaign.    

It's easy, fun, and you get the chance to win big!

All you have to do is go to the YA Chicks website-- enter. Once you do, the fun begins!  You get to take a picture of yourself, or you and friends reading or writing (whichever is your poison) ANYWHERE!  And that means anywhere!

While a pic of you reading on the moon would be out of this world!

A pic of you in your backyard would work too.

Or you with flowers

Or by a tree

Or near a fountain

Or when stretching

With a gargoyle works too

There are so many places for you

Like in a Test Track car

Or on some stairs

In sombreros


Whether you're proud and bold, or humble and old we want to see where you read or write!!!!
Get your camera and help promote reading and writing! When you post it on twitter don't forget the hashtag

Can't wait to see your pics!!!  Now hurry and get over to the YA CHICKS site before it's over!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Agent Query Advice. (AKA GOLD!)

Querying is something all authors face when trying to get an agent. Who better to get advice from than the source?

Agent/author Lucienne Diver gives insight on finding an agent, what an agent does, and how to write a successful query. Her advice is worth studying!

You can find her information here:

Never give up on your dream!

Also, you might have noticed via twitter, Instagram, and FB that I am working on something big with the authors at YA Chicks.  It's going to be super fun for all! I can't wait to reveal the plans so you can participate! You won't regret it!

Stay tuned .... #ReadorWriteANYWHERE 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


What inspires you to write?

It can be more than one thing: a place or location, a song, a movie, reading, a TV show, a picture, another person or couple, dancing the jig. 

I'm sure there are more. These are just the ones off the top of my head, and where I tend to draw inspiration. 

My mood is also a factor and I think the weather is too. If it's gloomy or rainy (Florida here, it doesn't get much worse than that) I can start to feel down or sad even. If I'm writing or needing to write a depressing, emotionally struggling scene that works wonders for my inspiration, but what if it's sunny and I'm still sad? Or what if my mood is undecided, like it's hijacked my brain and is playing Monkey in the Middle with my thoughts, therefore making me ineffective in a very frustrated way.

Let's go even further and say I've tried the usual: listened to music fitting for the scene, channeled my character/s, stalked Pinterest for pictures that might provoke the tiniest form of inspiration, only to end up repinning recipe ideas, my dream room decor, and/or exotic destinations I'd love to visit one day. It happens. Might have even happened last week.

So what's a girl to do when her usual go-to inspiration evoking techniques aren't working? Any suggestions? Seriously, if you've got'em share'em. I'd love to know. They might be useful in the un-inspirational future. Can never be too prepared. You know what I mean? Sure, you do. We've all been there, and those of us who write will be there again. It's called writers block. 
I thought I was impervious to it. Then I got it once and it's been stopping by unannounced ever since. The Funk Zone, is what I call it. When nothing looks good, nothing feels right, nothing seems worth pursuing, because nothing can save you from this funk you're in. Am I right?

In the hopes of freeing myself from my recent funky Pit of Despair state, I decided not to try anything. 
I did everything but try to fix my funk. I might have focused a little too much on food and going out to eat and gained a few unwanted pounds that are killing me to lose, but the ideas started coming. Halleluiah. The creative side of my brain was back in business and I did something I've never done before. I plotted a story. 

Usually, I panster my novels, doing only a loose outline. A,B,C though it's more like B,M,E—beginning, middle, end. But when inspiration struck me this time, instead of gluing my slightly larger derrière to the seat and panstering for the next several weeks, I took three days and plotted that novel chapter by chapter. It was like writing the summary but in reverse since I usually do that last. It was awesome. I was able to get everything out of my head before I lost it and without losing track of the plot. Now all I have to do is fill in the blanks, and I am so excited to write it.  

Of course, that part will take longer than three days, but my Funk Zone/Pit of Despair moment led me to a new way of dealing with writers block by not dealing with it –and gaining a few pounds, though I wouldn't recommend that last part.

I have no idea if this will work for me in the future and since I plan to write again, and again, and again, writer's block is inevitable. If you have a technique that isn't listed above and want to share it—sharing is caring—please do so. It doesn't have to be something you do when you're stuck. It can be what you do when you want to be inspired to write a certain scene or pursue an idea, or something you just do to get in the mood to write. Suggestions are valuable, don’t be shy. ; )