My Novels

I write young adult fiction--fantasy, retellings, paranormal, light sci-fi, and contemporary. I also play around with new adult and adult romance, though I haven't completed anything in those two genres--yet. 

CLUB NEVERLAND - YA magical realism Peter Pan retelling

Ever since her parents' nasty divorce, seventeen-year-old Wendolyn Lace Darling has gone from head of the yearbook committee to head of the household. Her mother is in an emotional decline, and her brother, John, keeps disappearing for days to his new obsession—Club Neverland.

Lace blames her father for their problems, including their recent visit from Child Services. If John isn't home when they return next week, Lace's dad will get full custody. She and John will be shipped to England, forced to leave behind everyone they know and love.

Refusing to let that happen, Lace chases John to Club Neverland, where she ends up transported to an island of endless partying. Peter, the leader of the fun, takes Lace by surprise. His no shoes wearing, scruffy surfer appearances is the opposite of everything she likes, but there's no denying she's drawn to him. 

Now, in addition to getting John home and saving her family, Lace is searching for answers about her past and how it's tied to the mysterious club. Falling for Peter was never on her list of things to do. Breaking a decades-old curse wasn't either, but when it comes to Lace and the people she loves, there is nothing she won't do help them, even at the risk of herself.

A KISS BEFORE LYING - YA contemporary romance

Ainsley’s fear of failing is challenged every day by her embarrassing learning disability. When her father loses his job, again, her family can no longer afford private tutoring, forcing her to use public school service. Although worried her secret disability will knock what little social status she has in the toilet, Ainsley’s more concerned about being tutored by a fellow senior. No matter how high the student's GPA, they couldn't possibly help someone like her.

When Sebastian Gianni is assigned as Ainsley’s tutor, she’s convinced she has the worst luck ever. Rumored to have family connections with the Italian Mafia, Sebastian strides through the halls as if he's better than everyone else. With his Godfather style and athletic physique, he’s the last person she thinks will “get” how her brain works. But she couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to Ainsley’s mind, Sebastian is a genius, easily reading and tutoring her better than anyone ever has.

Soon, tutoring becomes a push and pull of lessons, secret dreams, and hidden desires that would be a mistake to explore. Both their families have unrealistic expectations for them, and as they ponder the idea of a future of their own, their relationship takes a dangerous turn. If Ainsley’s not careful, failing grades and disappointing her parents will be the least of her concerns. She’ll be looking over her shoulder, forced to go into hiding, or worse, end up six-feet under.


Seventeen-year-old Lili Adler thinks she’s losing her mind. First her eyes start changing colors, adding to her already dysfunctional life, then her best friend, Caden, vanishes when she kisses him. The haunting memory is all Lili has left of the boy her stole her heart then crushed it to pieces.

Now Lili’s retreating even more to the solitude of nature, the only place she’s ever felt comfortable. But when Caden returns to explain his disappearance, the truth catapults Lili into a mythical world, where Faes rule opposing courts and maintain the balance of life and death on earth. Both courts want Lili for powers she’s yet to discover. Both will irrevocably change her future and the fate of the world.

But as lies and truths blur together, Lili finds herself caught in an ancient rivalry where the only escape might be to surrender her existence.

NAUSAARI - YA light Sci-fi

The planet Nausaari promises crystal blue oceans, lush landscapes, and a better life for teens—at least that’s how it’s advertised. Seventeen-year-old Bryn Spencer never imagined a world and other beings existed, especially not disguised as he best friend and ex-boyfriend.

When Bryn gets caught in a palm-firing, laser showdown between her exe, Lore, and his new girlfriend, it's pretty clear they're not human. Before she's able to accept this new reality, Bryn gets trapped on a spaceship--if you consider spa-like interiors a spaceship--bound for Nausaari.

Determined to return to Earth, Bryn struggles to resist Lore and the feelings she still has for him. A difficult task after she learns Lore's family is royalty on Nausaari, his father forced him to leave earth and into a new relationship, he feels as bound by family obligations as Bryn, and he wants to reclaim his life, starting with her. Now that she knows the truth and is on his planet, Lore wants her to stay. But choosing a future with Lore might be the biggest mistake of all and cause Bryn to lose more than just her life on Earth.

WIP Novels

FATED TO DIE - retelling of a Scottish folktale, Bean Nighe. 

GYPSY ROW - ya contemporary

PAYMENT PLAN - ya contemporary

SHADOW PEOPLE - YA contemp with light paranormal element

GIT - GENIE IN TRAINING - N/A paranormal

BANG, BANG - YA mystery/thriller

DO ME NEXT- Adult Romance, light erotica

CATCH ME - New adult romance

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