About Me

Writer of young adult everything--paranormal, retellings, light sci-fi, and contemporary romance. 

Call me cliche, but I love a swoon-worthy hero and the unlikely heroine who steals his heart--or vice versa. That's alway fun. I'm also a sucker for historicals. Real life or fantasy both are adored and anything with magic! Magic is amazing! If only it were real. lol 

I believe any story can be reinvented, and brainstorming ideas that are outrageous and absurd can lead to an incredible tale if the plotting is done right. 

I also believe you should only write what speaks to your heart. If you don't, it will be a struggle and it will show in your work. 

Lastly, I believe there is something you can learn from everyone. Old, young, your favorite aunt, your least favorite aunt, your boss, co-worker who annoys you just by breathing, your total opposite, your arch enemy, your biggest critic or fan. It's when people stop learning from others that they stop growing.

For anyone considering or dreaming of being a writer, I have this advice. Do it! Dream big! Write crap or something brilliant, but do it! Start that book and write until your fingers bleed and then write some more. Read everything and anything (books you love, books on writing). Soon enough you'll have drafted a full manuscript, and can sit back with a proud grin knowing you did it. Or you can shout it to the world, "I did it! I wrote a freaking novel!" You never know where that little or big sucker might take you. 

And finally, when you do get that novel out of your head, and you've revised it and edited it until there is nothing more you can do to make it pretty, follow your heart again on what to do next.  There are many options for writers today: the traditional big publishing house, small presses, and self-publishing. Do what works for you, not what works for others. It's your life, your path, your story, and only you know what's best for it!

Good luck book lovers and dreamers! I believe in you!!!!

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