Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ASTRAY COMES OUT TODAY! And that totally rhymes! Want to win it?!?

Today, Amy Christine Parker's novel ASTRAY, comes out! 

In honor of my talented friend's second novel launch, I'm giving away a $25.00 Amazon e-gift card to a lucky winner so you can get yourself a copy, and if you don't have the prequel you can get that too! Giveaway starts tonight at midnight.

(Love, love, love this cover!)

In ASTRAY, Lyla is caught between two worlds. The isolated Community that she grew up in and the outside world that she's navigating for the very first time. The outsiders call the Community a cult, but Pioneer miraculously survived a shooting that should have killed him. Are the faithful members right to stay true to his message? Is this just a test of faith? One thing is for sure: the Community will do anything to bring Lyla back to the fold. Trapped in a spider's web of deception, will Lyla detect the sticky threads tightening around her before it's too late? She'll have to unravel the mystery of what Pioneer and the Community are truly up to if she wants to survive.

A few quotes from the novel (prepare for chills)

"I have eyes everywhere. You can't run from me."

"If you aren't with us, you are against us, and I will not mourn you one bit when you die." Brian, Member of the Community

"He turns the light out and I close my eyes and try not to listen when he starts to cry." 

"Everything will be okay," Pioneer says. His voice is dreamy. He brings the knife up to his own neck."

ASTRAY, is the sequel to Amy Christine Parker's debut thriller, Gated, about a girl (Lyla) who's grown up in a cult, but begins to question what she's been taught as the "end times" approach, causing Pioneer to alter his plans, which accelerate and grow ever ore dangerous for all involved.

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  1. Seriously, this book sounds terrific. I just promised myself that I wasn't going to buy any more books until I read what I'd already purchased that's collecting dust on my TBR...I lied. This book sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome. This sounds intense and gritty. Now I've got one on the list for when I'm in that mood. =)