Wednesday, January 25, 2017


              My birthday is next week! I celebrate it every year with a longtime friend whose birthday is four days before mine. We love the Melting Pot restaurant and started a tradition of celebrating our birthdays there a while ago. This year we will be doing that dinner with two other people who have birthdays a few days before and after ours. A quadruplet party!

The youngest of us is Maya a soon to be eighteen-year-old who LOVES books, especially mine. As I was searching for reader-related gifts for her, I came across some fun gifts for any reader or writer and thought I'd share them here.

Buying gifts is a struggle for most people. Writers and readers seem easy. A gift card to a bookstore, and while that's awesome, it's nice to get unique and/or quirky gifts too. So here are some I came across on Amazon that I thought were too cute not to mention. A gift for oneself is never a bad idea too.

Our dream life.

I love this!

How all readers feel. 

Haha! It's not a bad addiction.


For me, this would be best with coffee versus tea. 

For the Wizard of Oz fan. So cute!

Because books have more emotions than most humans. LOL

 I need this!

 So pretty. I love it!

 Alice in Wonderland fans, these bookends are for you!

This is my favorite! So true!
Here it is blown up.

Aren't these fantastic? I want them all! Amazon is the best!

Happy gifting!


  1. They are fantastic! I think my favorite readerly meme is this one:

    Put that on a shirt for me, and I'd be in heaven. =)

    1. Omg! Bwahaha. I just checked them out! Now they are my new favorites! The Loki one is the best!!!