Friday, February 3, 2012

Kristen Simmons debut novel party

Last night I traveled to Tampa with three incredible writers, Jessica Souders (author to debut novel Renegade, releasing in November. Big cheer!), Larissa Hardesty (talented multi-tasker, who handles a million things at once and still finds time to right kick-ass novels), and Christy Farley (phenomenal writer, who's soon to be a published author).   

It was our first release party and a fantabulous experience. Kristen Simmons is a young adult dystopian author of Article 5. She chose the quaintest bookstore for her debut party (Ink wood, Tampa Fl. Reminded me of Shop Around the Corner from You've Got Mail). I would highly recommend visiting the place. The owner was a delight and the ambience, charming and inspiring.

Kristen was the sweetest person. Her reading was enjoyable and has me anxious to plunge into her novel. She was entertaining and charismatic, but I feel it was her honesty that won me over. Kristen's rise to publication story was heartfelt and a great reminder for aspiring authors not to quit. Learning her background is in mental health made me even more interested in her story. She used her knowledge on the issue to portray realistic responses from her characters when facing life altering challenges, drawing awareness to a topic that is current and too often dismissed.

 Please take the time to check out her novel, Article 5.

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  1. I had SO FREAKIN' MUCH FUN last night, Tara! :)