Friday, August 14, 2015


Summer came and went and I had little to say about it on this blog. 

I meant to, thought about it a lot, those thoughts just never made it to the keyboard. That's not to say I wasn't typing away, working on my other projects. 

I spent the first two months of summer on revisions--in between mother duties and vacations--for a book I'd hoped to sub at the end of the month. 

Then I took some time to read for fun. Oh, how fun it was! All that reading helped me explore a new angle on a novel that after multiple submissions with editors needed another thorough revision. 

I used to fear that word. Revision. I'd react with chills like the hyena's do in the Lion King when Scar says Mufasa's name. 

Yep. That clip sums it up perfectly. 

Now, I look forward to them. Sometimes. Mostly. I know they improve the book and is where the magic happens. I'm better with fashion so indulge me here. 

The draft is like the outfit: dress, jeans and top, suit, pants suit if you're daring. 

Anyway, the dress is the draft. It's there, but it needs work. Maybe some alterations, definitely some jewelry, and shoes. A super sexy hurt-your-feet-like-hell-but-you-don't-care-because-they're-amazeballs pair of shoes. 

And if you're rocking a dress with these killer heels, you have to do your hair and makeup or you'll look half done. Not ready.

That's what revisions do for a book. They clean it up, fix any bad or wrong spots, make sure everything goes or flows, and polishes the outfit. When you've added all you can, removed what wasn't necessary, switched out a few things, and have done everything you can to make your outfit--manuscript--look fabulous or damn close, then and only then do you go out (submit your work).

What I've learned over the last year is something you also experience when going out in that perfect outfit that you spent hours, days, months, years, working on. Not everyone is going to like it. 

Some people will think your polished outfit is ugly, or slutty, or horrific, or a fashion faux pas. But some people, maybe one important person, will think it's adorable, sexy on wheels, the best most amazing outfit they've ever seen, and they want one for themselves. Or they want to know you or know how you came up with it. That is the person who will hopefully help get that outfit (manuscript) into the stores, or bookshelves. That is the person who's going to inspire you to keep going, to do more, to do better. 

What no one tells you is that person might have to be yourself. And that's okay because . . . 

Sometimes you have to put on what you like and wear it with pride, knowing it fits you, was done your way, to your liking, and that's all that matters. 

The best part is you've got options! 

Today there are so many options sometimes it's hard to decide which is best for you, but that's a whole different outfit story. 

I guess my point is, never lose sight of YOUR dream. Even if that dream goes in a place you never imagined or you kind of lose your way, it's still YOUR dream. And remember ...

Finding the right path can take time. It can also take patience, rolls of Tums, bottles of wine, tears, heartbreak, skinny and fat moments. I'm-not-good-enough moments. Or the typical, I want to rent a boat just so I can throw my laptop over the side while it's on fire and toast "Here's to not being controlled by you anymore" moment.

Hopefully, you learn something from each of these moments, even if it's not to repeat them ever. Then you try to find your path again. Whether it's new, different, or similar, it's still YOUR path. Your future. Your goal. Your life. 

Make it your own, no matter how scary or daring! 

Or do nothing. That's always an option. 

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