Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Just In ...

This just in ... I stink!  At blogging!

My new year's resolution will be to get better--because really how much worse can I get!?!

In my defense, I have been writing, and reading, and writing, and reading. Just not on this blog.

Which deeply shames me.

Well, maybe not deeply but pretty deep, fairly deep. I'm bothered by it.  Let's put it this way ... every time I remembered that I forgot to blog, I was disappointed in myself.

In my defense, I have had nothing new or exciting to share. You have missed nothing in my life or my career.  I can assure you of that with a small tear in my eye.

But, a new year is around the corner.  I can almost see it from here, and I'm hoping to have many wonderful things to announce in 2016, whatever it may bring!

 If I were to make a wish list of what those wonderful things should be, it would look like this:

Healed of all illnesses
An elf to edit my novels
Another to do the laundry
One who can cook allergy friendly food for the family
The new HGTV dream home
More time with hubby, who travels a lot these days
My kids to learn how to clean their rooms
All missing socks found
That camera we lost in 6 yrs ago with unuploaded pics of the kids
And if we're going there, I'd like my laptops with years of work (books and story ideas) that were stolen back, as well as all the precious momentums we lost
One night with all the family (Dad, grandma, grandparents) I lost before the boys were born so they can meet my best creations
Oh hell, lets throw in world peace
An amazing new Prez
A cure for ALL diseases
And, yeah, well, basically heaven on earth

Too much ...?

I may have gotten a little carried away.

In my defense, I have a cold and, as I said, I stink at this.

Till next year ...

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  1. Hi, you may think you stink, but you have a great blog. Time management is the biggest hurdle for writers (and everyone else, I'm sure). I wish I had someone to do things like: edit, send queries out, respond to other's blogs, do twitter and Facebook stuff. It's overwhelming sometimes and finding the timed dedicated to just writing is always a challenge.