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Well hello there strangers!
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How ye do?

In case you haven't noticed I've been MIA. Really, I've been MRH. Moving, Renovating, Homeschooling.  Those three things can take a lot out of you. I'm exhausted and ready for life to lighten up so I can get back to being my simple old self. Writer, Hello Kitty obsessed, lover of decorating and outfits that make me gasp or want to twirl, sparkle diva, pet snuggler, and professional belly laugher.
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Okay. I might have made up that last one.

So here is the low down on what's been going on in my wee lil life ...

I moved into a new house and did a full renovation. It was dated but the bones were good, the neighborhood great, and the lot fairly private for a gated community. It took over a month and we couldn't live in the house because it was a dusty, dirty construction site. So we kept our other house and lived in it until the renovations were done, because paying for two mortgages makes so much more sense than paying for one. Am I right?
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Fortunately, that house is about to sell. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah! Can I get an amen?
And while carrying that puppy for the last, oh five or six months, has been fun--not--at the time it was necessary to save me from an allergy infested inhabitable construction zone. Have I ever mentioned I'm allergic to the world?
When I was diagnosed the allergist said, "Congratulations, you're allergic to everything except for shellfish and peanuts."
My reply, "Well, I'm part Polish so it makes sense."
We both had a good laughed and I left with a list of things I should avoid. To name a few: pollen, mold, dander, ragweed, potatoes, yeast, chocolate, mushrooms, cheese, wine, bees. I tucked that crushing list into my purse, zipped up my bubble, and rolled on outside.
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Once the renovation was complete and the new house more gorgeous (gorgy) than I imagined, we moved in and, for sh*ts and giggles, decided to renovate the pool and backyard. Because we're wild like that. Haaay!
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What a nightmare! The pool and patio renovation was so much worse than redoing the interior of the house. We hired a lying POS who made our life hell for three months--until we fired him. We then hired a new company to finish and fix what the first lying POS left. Thankfully, that ended a week ago. Yes, you heard that right. A week ago! Did I say we started the reno (not new construction of a pool, just renovations on the existing pool and patio) in August? August! Deep breath in. Release.
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Feel better? Me too.

While dealing with all that my hubby got a new job, a big new job with big new stress and it requires him to travel a lot. Too much. Waah! Where are you? Where's Waldo?  I forgot your face. What do you look like again, hubby?
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To my relief, hubby won't be traveling as much after the new year. YAY!

And, I almost forgot the homeschooling part. In the midst of all that crap--moving, reno, new job, two mortgages, pool reno from hell--my youngest son switched from private school to homeschool. Because, you know, we didn't think we had enough on our plates. We like a challenge and to multitask. What's a move, renovation, new job, sale of a former home, and homeschooling? Nothing. Easy peasy. A walk in the park. A piece of cake. A slice of pie.
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WRONG! I feel like death, reborn and then killed again. Death twice over--or is that death over easy? My writing has slowed waaayyyyy down, like a granny doing a backward crab crawl. You're welcome for that mental image. BUT, for me to be writing here again means my life is finding a new normal, or a new form of crazy. Either way, I hope to keep this up and post regularly.

I also have before and after pics of the house and backyard reno to post. I have novel revisions to share, too. Revising a story is a lot like renovating a home. You reconstruct it to make it better. It's a lot of work, can take longer than anticipated, and can end up totally different than the original plan. But more on that later.

Stay tuned for before and after pics, and ideas I have about posting some of my novels on my blog. Say whaa???? I'm not crazy.
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